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Grafik 175–181: Covers
225 x 311 mm


— Redesign of UK's leading monthly graphic design magazine
— Cover design and concept series
— Cover illustrations


Accompanying the redesign of the magazine in July 2009, a new cover approach was devised using objects to represent the theme of each issue. Featuring a schematic, Caulfield-esque style of illustration and a mid-range colour palette, this use of sequence established a secondary branding language, reinforcing the magazine's visual identity.


The masthead was altered into a smaller, more legible form

and accompanied by the issue number displayed prominently to highlight the magazine's established publishing history.


Inside, clear headlines ensured consistency throughout and devices such as a flexible layout grid and changes in typographic texture created variety defining each section. Two contrasting but complementary typefaces (a modernist sans-serif and a 21st century typewriter font) were chosen to give a distinct identity to the magazine whilst still being neutral enough to harmonise with its design and typography rich content.